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@Percussion 312 -The Cruise Ship Gig with Paige Durr

January 20, 2022


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Hosts: Ben Charles, Tracy Wiggins, Casey Cangelosi 
Producer: Casey Cangelosi 
Guest:   Paige Durr 

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0:00 intro and hello
1:38 Today in history: Alexander Tcherepnin and early percussion pieces 
6:45 Welcome Paige Durr! 
8:00 What is a typical week like on the cruise ship?
10:30 Any unexpected things on the boat? 
12:00 Obligations beyond the Six shows?  
13:00 How'd you get the gig?  Learning the show.
17:50 Your character, Maria?  
21:00 Gear?
24:45 The gig and need for a music degree? 
29:04 Having a digital presence? 
35:10 Welcome, Mariana Ramirez!  SIX on Broadway.
38:55 Advice and roads to Broadway? 
44:15 The new percussion book on SIX? 
47:50 From social media: is the risk of being away on the ship worth what you might miss ?