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The @Percussion - Episode 146 - Brian Blume

August 16, 2019

146 - Brian Blume


This week's guest, Brian Blume, is the Assistant Professor of Percussion at Southeastern University, where he teaches applied percussion, percussion techniques, music theory, world music, and the school's first ever drumline.  Brian is also a composer who has performed as a soloist, chamber musician, orchestral player, and studio percussionist, with groups such as the Carmel Symphony Orchestra, Terra Haute Symphony Orchestra, Columbus Indiana Philharmonic, and BluHill Percussion Duo.

Watch here. Listen below.

0:00 Intro and Hello
2:30 Starting the drumline at Southeastern University?
7:50 Performance requests for university drumlines, choirs, steel band etc...
13:50 Concert and DCI melding together and studying with Tony Cirone
21:00 Casey: What's the Sound?
24:20 Laurel: Top 10 Brain Boosting Foods - Andy Harnsberger
29:09 Considering food intake and performance?
34:30 Brain's blog: "Percussionist-Composer"
43:52 BlueHill Podcast
47:49 Ben: Keiko Abe and Marimba Village
54:23 Joshua Jones: Your biggest hurdle?  And what got you through it?
57:15  "Peak" (book)