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The @Percussion Podcast - Episode 133 - Kai Stensgaard

August 16, 2019

133 - Kai Stensgaard


We are joined this week by Danish percussionist and composer Kai Stensgaard.  Kai is also the inventor of the aluphone, author of books and pieces about his 6-mallet technique, and founder of several chamber music projects combining marimba with other instruments.

Watch here. Listen below.

0:00 Intro and hello
2:17 Discovering marimba, early experience and teachers
6:40 Where is marimba literature is going
10:35 6-mallets, Dean Gronemeier
20:15 Ben: 6-mallets (overview and some history)
30:50 Casey/Laurel: What's the sound?  Synesthesia paintings
43:43 Use of improvisation in your pieces and study?
45:10 Latin influence in your music?
46:50 Duo and body percussion group?
48:00 Upcoming?
49:55 Aluphone instrument