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The @Percussion - Episode 214 - Roundtable


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0:00 Intro and hello
1:10 RIP Neil Peart. Rush and some favorites. Casey on Neil Peart
17:20 Ben on Mark Applebaum
27:33 Bill on social media and "Digital Minimalism" (book).
43:20 Caleb on "Performing in the Zone" & "The Inner Game of Golf" (books)
1:01:50 Brian on "How to Fear Less"

The @Percussion - Episode 213 with Matthew Duvall


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0:00 Intro and hello
4:30 Residency at U. of Richmond?
7:40 Your other academic degrees and educational background?
11:50 Interdisciplinary projects?
23:50 Reich Double Sextet?
30:40 Singing in the Dead of Night?
34:50 Favorite performance highlights and some not so good ones?
43:50 Casey: history: Duke Ellington, Judy Collins
54:45 Thoughts on "Red"(play) by John Logan? Grammy's.
1:10:00 Composers and gear?!

The @Percussion - Episode 212 - Jeff Stern


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0:00 Intro and hello
5:10 How did you get into percussion?
9:30 Marching percussion's influence on your concert playing?
12:30 Your playing style, ethics or aesthetics?
15:00 Drumcorps background?
15:55 Icarus Quartet?
22:20 Developing a long-term chamber group project?
30:20 Michael Laurello's music? Spine, Churches Made out of Shipwrecks
35:30 Karli: Encouraging middle and high school percussionists to be well-rounded
44:40 Peabody and teaching, percussion specialization
49:40 Casey: History - Jan 16th: Bartok Sonata, Xenakis' thesis, Benny Goodman plays the first ever jazz concert at Carnegie Hall
1:02:19 The Percussion Collective
1:11:12 What do you do other than music?

The @Percussion Podcast ep.211 - Conrado Moya


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0:00 Intro and hello, New Years Resolutions 4:40 Your background and mentors: Katarzyna Mycka and Li Biao? 11:50 Why is the marimba so special? 17:30 Teaching connecting your body with the instrument 22:55 Creating your own mallets? 29:20 Transcription of the Rodrigo Concerto? 37:47 What do you look for when considering adapting or arranging a piece for marimba? 40:00 Bit on programming 41:40 Casey: Music history - Beethoven's nephew 53:28 Differences in marimba performance styles in US and Europe? 58:47 How do you mentor your students towards a career?

The @Percussion Podcast ep.210 Roundtable with Bill Shaltis, Ben Charles, Karli Vina, Ksenija K., Casey Cangelosi


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210 Roundtable - Bill Shaltis, Ben Charles, Karli Vina, Ksenija Komljenović, Casey Cangelosi

0:00 Intro and hello
1:40 Favorite artists? Any you talk about in relation to music and/or pedagogy? Henry Darger, outsider artists, Marina Abramovic, NPR This American Life, themed recitals, Chef's Table - Grant Achatz, Julian Edelman
40:40 Applying for teaching jobs
58:55 If you had to write a second dissertation?


The @Percussion - Episode 209 - Alexandre Esperet


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209 Alexandre Esperet 0:00 Intro and hello

0:55 RIP and thanks to Emil Richards

5:17 Hello to Alexandre Esperet, Ceci n'est pas une balle (This is not a ball)

10:00 Are you going to continue expanding body percussion? What new ideas might be next?

14:30 Working with Thierry de Mey?

18:00 Differences in performers and/or performance practice from country to country?

23:50 Studying with Jean Geoffroy? Approach to playing Bach?

28:50 (Briefly derailed by the chat window and L'Histoire vs Histoire)

31:05 How has performing in competitions influenced you as a performer?

35:12 Do competitions promote artistic growth?

43:12 Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

44:44 Casey: today in history - Duke Ellington "Beggar's Holiday". Duke Ellington and Gary Burton.

53:10 Influences on your compositional style? 56:00 Graphic notation and Labanotation.

The @Percussion Podcast - Episode 208 - David Herbert

208 David Herbet

Art by JeonIm Yi - - check her out!




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0:00 Intro and hello

4:40 Exercise off the drums?

6:50 Timpani solo pieces you reccomend/favorites?

9:50 How did you come to develop your sound?

15:20 Mallets and opinions

25:12 Metalica gig?

28:00 Conductors you've worked with.

34:15 Working with Jack van Geem?

40:00 Ben: William Kraft

1:02:20 Some thoughts on audience-performer relationship. Building audience.

1:11:28 Why'd you switch from American to German setup?

1:17:55 Approach when playing a work with 2 timpanists?

1:20:20 A bit on surffing for some reason.

The @Percussion - Episode 207 Roundtable with Ben Charles, Ksenija Komljenović, Brian Nozny, Bill Shaltis, Caleb Pickering, Tracy Wiggins, Casey Cangelosi


Roundtable with: 

Ben Charles, Ksenija Komljenović, Brian Nozny, Bill Shaltis, Caleb Pickering, Tracy Wiggins, Casey Cangelosi


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0:00 Intro and hello

4:20 What are some skills needed other than playing for the 21st Century percussionist? Recording.

16:15 The War of Art, book. Casey rant. 10,000 hours...guh....Gladwell.

29:07 Percussion Specialist certificate/program? Traditions in the curriculum (music history Ben rant)

53:10 Difficult performance experiences?

1:02:50 PASIC highlights?

1:08:15 Casey's and Brian's premiers at PASIC

1:14:43 Casey: History. Copland and the FBI, Mozart's death.

The @Percussion - Episode 206 - Matt MacClung


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0:00 Intro and hello

4:00 Recent move to Minneapolis

9:00 How have you crafted your career to collaborate with so many ensembles, musicians, and composers?

12:45 Matt, Shaun, and Casey - studies at Rice

14:45 Karli: Freelancing and comparing yourself to others.

30:55 Matt's new timpani book?

44:40 Ewe drumming?

55:43 Casey: history

58:00 Casey: speed quiz

1:04:10 Trio?


The @Percussion Podcast ep.205 - PAS Education Committee PART 2


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PAS Education Committee (Part 2, collegiate percussionists) with Tom Marceau Chase Banks, Oliver Molina, Scott Farkas

0:00 Intro and hello

4:10 How to approach Applied Lessons for students not on the 'performance' or 'education' tracks?

11:40 Recordings instead of juries? Continuing the traditional live performance model?

30:00 Building a studio and recruiting. All-State/Region music selection and auditions.

46:30 Most important take-aways from the Percussion Methods class?

50:15 The PAS Educator's Companion publication 55:56 New certification programs?

1:08:40 Best help students prepare for a future career in percussion?