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@Percussion - 238 - Anna Dunford - Music, Leaving Faith, and Superstition


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0:00 Intros and hello.
0:50 Casey history: subliminal messages..
12:00 Welcome to Anna Dunford
13:55 Your background and getting into music? Religion
25:07 How does your experience with leaving your religion influence how you teach?
27:30 Could you have spoken up?
35:45 Marriage
40:28 Your transition after leaving the church?
48:15 Ksenija: Impostor Syndrome
1:02:00 5 types of Impostor Syndrome
1:12:00 Tour with BYU?
1:14:40 Religious community and music in the public?

@Percussion - 236 - Anne-Julie Caron - Marimba During COVID & Social Unrest


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0:00 Intro and hello
4:50 Practicing during COVID?
13:50 Whatchya working on?
18:20 Expecting a BABY?!?!
26:05 History: Mickey Hart arrest and recent police brutality news
44:50 Mickey Hart
46:40 Casey: 2020 Pulitzer winner Anthony Davis and The Central Park Five (opera)
1:01:00 Studying with Nancy Zeltsman?
1:08:15 Studying with Bogdan Bacanu?
1:11:50 Why does Baroque music sound so good on marimba?

@Percussion - 235 - Tribute to Alan Abel


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Matthew Strauss - Houston Symphony, Rice University

Tom Bowden - freelance percussionist in South Florida, who wrote his DMA essay on Mr. Abel’s techniques

Ted Atkatz - former Principal Percussionist of the Chicago Symphony, Colburn School, founder Ted Atkatz Percussion Seminar

Matt Flanders - one of Mr. Abel’s last students at Temple University

0:00 Intro and Hello 2:30 What would Mr. Abel being saying about the current state of COVID-19? 6:40 Him as a person. His great playing ability in his old age. 14:35 Your last lesson with Mr. Abel? Tom's dissertation project? 21:22 Timing with orchestras. Auditions. 34:25 How did he approach contemporary percussion? 39:00 Ted and CSO, and the documentary 44:20 Alan Abel's influence (Ben names symphonies and university positions) 49:35 Personal stories 59:00 When is it time to bring your own personality into Mr. Abel's style? Different halls. Summer happenings.

@Percussion - 239 - Alli Martin - Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Human Rights


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0:00 Intros and hello
2:22 What does this Supreme Court victory mean?
4:34 What got you interested in being active?
12:20 When these issues are politicized does it create additional obstacles?
15:09 What types of actions have led to this? Little history lesson
30:50 What can we do?
35:11 What can we do as teachers? Scanning for safety. Pronouns.
46:30 What victories are still to be made?

@Percussion 234 Steven Schick - “Toucher” (live performance) and Turning Points.mp3



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0:00 Intro and Hello, Casey: history RCA LP's
7:35 Hello, Steven Schick!
9:00 COVID blackout and concerts
12:45 Steve's performance of Inuksuit at US/Mexico border
19:50 Steve's Fulbright in Germany
25:30 Our future post COVID?
31:00 "It's About Time" and "In the Name of the Earth" projects
35:45 How you've broadened as an artist? Steven Schick, Percussionist & Conductor.
41:00 Community
44:20 Your development into a percussionist?
50:20 "Toucher" by Vinko Globokar
1:05:45 Steve performs "Toucher"
1:13:40 Learning French for this piece? Languages.
1:20:40 The size and scale of percussion's audience.
1:30:18 "Expertise"?
1:34:16 Some inspirational readings?
1:37:55 Different art mediums and collaborations that standout?
1:39:20 Memorization?

@Percussion 237 - PAS Diversity Alliance



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0:00 Intros and hello

3:14 A tid-bit on Zildjian and diversity. What is the Percussive Arts Society Diversity Alliance?

7:10 How did the Diversity Alliance come about? Julie Hill, PAS President

12:20 Why is the Diversity Alliance necessary?

19:10 Value of representation

21:30 Teaching around the issues

26:55 De-centering and systemic barriers

29:50 Working differently abled students?

41:00 What else can we do as educators?

43:20 Becoming a PAS Diversity Alliance member?

45:35 How does the Diversity Alliance bring opportunities to people?

55:00 Concern of tokenism and intentionally programming underrepresented people

1:03:26 "It's just about having someone tell you the right thing"

1:06:56 PAS and some future ideas

1:12:42 Some educational resources the Diversity Alliance is building

1:17:25 "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable"

1:19:15 PASIC 2020?

@Percussion - 233 - Garrett Mendelow - Xenakis and Movement


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0:00 Intro and Hello. Casey history: huge loss of master recordings in warehouse fire
6:10 Welcome, Garrett!
8:38 Your master class on Xenakis? Rebonds
18:50 Garrett's woodblocks
23:40 What are the pedagogical benefits of studying Rebonds?
33:20 Karli: Mauricio Kagel, Rudolf von Laban and movement. Casey: Laban "efforts"
1:15:20 Taxes and musicians


@Percussion - 232 - Michael LaMattina - Orchestra, Recording, Film, Mischief


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0:00 Intro and Hello.

3:50 Recording considerations? Audition and orchestra.

23:00 Student challenges during COVID?

30:15 Starting at Miami University?

34:20 Programming thoughts and Stanley Kubrick...

44:00 With so much film in your family, how did you end up in music? Some childhood mischief 49:05 More childhood mischief

53:52 Ksenija: Stendhal Syndrome

1:15:30 Studying with Michael Rosen?

@Percussion - 231 - The PAS Composition Committee


With us today: Mark McCafferty, Dave O’Fallon, Brian Blume , Nick Meyers , Caleb Pickering, Dan Krumm, Brian Graiser, Greg Haynes

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0:00 Intro and Hello.
2:08 The Composition Committee's role at PAS? The composition contest
7:55 How are the composition entrees judged?
13:12 World Percussion Group contest vs PAS Composition Contest?
16:11 Percussionists composers
24:40 Pieces for pedagogical purpose?
33:38 What makes a good panel discussion at PASIC?
38:20 Advertising for the PAS Composition Competition?
44:45 Considerations for program notes when writing?
53:50 Composing and improvisation
1:03:08 Karli: Farewell and thank you, Alan Abel
1:10:40 Shoutout to the PAS Composition Contest

@Percussion - 230- Arthur van der Drift - The Tromp Competition


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0:00 Intro and Hello. Casey: today in music (John and Yoko's "Bed In's")
5:25 Hello Arthur van der Drift
9:00 How do you raise money for Tromp?
12:20 The Tromp Repitoire Days?
14:55 Composers and the selection process?
16:25 What do the winners do so well? Value of meeting fellow competitors and jury members.
29:20 What does Tromp offer to the winners?
32:56 Your musicology background and how that relates to the Tromp literature.
36:34 Future directions for Tromp?
41:06 In some competitions there will be no winner...
48:15 Chamber music competitions out there for percussion?
55:10 Casey: "Why You Should Ignore All That Corona Inspired Productivity" - article

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