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@Percussion - 249 - Joe Tompkins


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Hosts: Karli Vina, Casey Cangelosi, Ben Charles, and Ksenija Komljenović
Intro music by Reese Maultsby -
0:00 Intro and hello. Ksenija - History: Magic Melody, Guns n Roses, David Lee Roth injury, world's worst album.
8:04 Welcome, Joe!
8:50 Nine French American Rudimental Solos- Volume 3
13:40 What is distinctive about French rudimental style?
22:30 Advice to young people on publication?
28:18 Notation systems for snare drum?
36:00 Ben: Drumheads spotlight
43:25 Calf heads
46:15 How has COVID effected your work?
48:00 Performance highlights? Met. NY Phil. ? How do you follow Valery Gergiev?!
54:15 Any NY re-opening in sight?

@Percussion - 248 - Pedro Fernandez


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Hosts: Casey Cangelosi, Ben Charles, Karli Viña, and Ksenija Komljenović

Intro music by: Antoni Olesik -
00:35 Premium level patron shoutout – Jade Hails!
1:17 Today in history (Nirvana conspiracy theory, Fresh Prince of Bel Air)
7:12 Pedro Introduction
7:49 FB Question - Maria Chlebus ‘How do you stay so handsome?’
08:15 Pedro being refused a haircut
9:00 Share your perspective, challenges, and experiences as an international student
13:41 Did you ever turn the negativity into a motivational tool and contribute to the success you have now?
15:15 Blind auditions
16:28 FB Question – Mike Kessler ‘What are your two top snare drum/marimba/vibes books you would recommend?’
19:50 What is going on with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra?
20:30 Houston Symphony web-streaming concerts – anything similar happening with ISO?
22:09 Myths about Pedro’s performance and PASIC clinic/lab
23:34 Karli still thinks Pedro played blindfolded
25:02 Pedro’s mother “what are you even doing when you are practicing?” – how do you practice
28:29 Ben’s anecdote of Pedro practicing triangle
30:29 How has your practicing changed during the quarantine?
33:20 What music do you jam out to?
34:46 Should chopsticks be used as musical implements? Facebook discussion read
39:24 Conversation about chopsticks
42:39 An explanation why it is offensive to use chopsticks
45:00 Stuart Saunders Smith – Songs I-IX require chopsticks – should we follow composers who instruct us to use specific instrumentation/implement choices?
51:47 Appropriation – term and usage
55:45 Does outrage cause people to be fearful about being around different cultures?
1:01:43 FB Question - Jade Hails: Is the experience playing with the ballet orchestra any different from the symphony orchestra?
1:05:09 Example of a piece that is played faster in symphony orchestra than in ballet?
1:07:17 How do you pronounce Ginastera?

@Percussion - 247 - Brian Smith


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Hosts: Casey Cangelosi, Ben Charles, Karli Viña, and Ksenija Komljenović
Intro music by Reese Maultsby -
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0:00 Intro and hello. Casey: history - Ruth Crawford Seeger
12:30 Welcome Brian Smith
13:40 How did you come to the Staunton Music Festival? Bartok Sonata
21:45 Two Rite of Spring arrangements...
29:27 Arranging for percussion, NZ's arranging class.
33:00 RhumbLine sound installation
42:27 Casey: David Galenson "Old Masters and Young Geniusis"
1:04:45 Brian's Facebook Contemporary Percussionists page
1:10:50 RIP Leon Fleisher

@Percussion - 246 - Louise Devenish


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Hosts: Casey Cangelosi, Ben Charles, Karli Viña, and Ksenija Komljenović
Intro music by Reese Maultsby -

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0:00 Intro and hello
2:00 Casey: Today in music history.  Beatles auction, fire at the Met.  
10:57 Welcome, Dr. Louise Devenish!
13:27 Your research and fellowship project? Collaboration.
16:00 Interest in music of Australia? 
17:50 Your publication on under represented artists? 
29:14 Your book, "Global Percussion Innovations" ?
30:35 Excerpts of Louise performing.  Collaboration.
37:00 How do you encourage students to pursue commissions and collaborations? 
39:00 Kagel's Dressur and "Never Tilt Your Chair".
44:20 Karli: Louise's composition "Taut"
52:40 Karli: Working through COVID, "Crisis Fatigue" article.  What have we all been doing to keep active? 

@Percussion - 244 - Hal Rosenfeld


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0:00 Intro and hello.  Casey: History - Voyager Golden Record 
7:01 Welcome to Hal!  
10:11 Theory training.  Being an orchestrator.
16:21 Great percussion in film music?  Emil Richards.
23:11 How has film music changed?  
26:31 Music Producer role?  Job roles.
32:31 Copyright.... 
34:58 Advice for young people who are interested in this career path?  
44:01 "It's ok, we'll fix it in post" 
48:56 Joe Porcaro and Emil Richards story.  
50:06 Ben: "How Musicians Helped Integrate the Silver Screen"
60:11 Racial integration in the film music industry?  How is COVID effecting the industry? 
1:11:08 Are you recording remotely now?  
1:14:01 Thanks to @Perc.  from Hal :) 

@Percussion Podcast - 243 - Alana Wiesing


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Intro music by Luigi Morleo - 

0:00 Intro and hello.  Casey: History and Duke Ellington's ballet
6:05 Welcome, Alana! 
7:20 Your life change from freelancing vs full-time orchestra? 
19:50 Anything you were not prepared for in starting with the TSO?
25:45 Taking a summer off?  Summer festivals.
31:18 Any freelancing nightmare stories?  
37:00 Race and discrimination in the music world.  
As a minority in the percussion world, 
do you feel a responsibility to tell your story?
43:40 What is our responsibility as musicians to improve representation?
49:50 Ksenija: Cancel culture and if the artist offends.
1:18:53 Future of the TSO?  

@Percussion - 245 - PAS COVID Taskforce!


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Guests: Michael Burritt (Eastman School of Music and President-Elect of PAS), Andrea Venet (University of North Florida), and Thad Anderson (University of Central Florida)

Hosts: Karli Viña, Ben Charles, Ksenija Komljenović Music by Reese Maultsby Managing COVID-19 Protocols in Administering Percussion Performance Curriculum:

Intro music by Reese Maultsby - 

00:10 Intro and hello

02:27 Have your schools made a decision about instructional delivery methods (remote/hybrid/in-person)?

10:08 Conspiracy theorists and how do you know that the information you are presenting is credible?

15:00 How are you handling chamber music?

18:55 What can we do to improve ventilation systems?

26:33 What changes do you anticipate in making to the audition process for your undergraduate and graduate program? How will you evaluate the students?

29:26 Ensemble auditions

31:48 TROMP Competition utilizes a single-attempt video submission platform

34:13 UV lights

39:55 What did you learn from the spring – any successful tips and tricks pertinent to remote learning?

44:44 Students wanting to defer enrollment/take a break from school

52:46 Claire Chase – an inspiration in times of COVID (

55:22 Liability and educators teaching in person

59:05 What can we do as educators to encourage good mental health practice for our students and ourselves?

@Percussion-242-Patti Niemi & Chris Deviney


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0:00 Intro and hello.  Casey- history: Happy-b day Barbara Strozzi
3:20 Chris's Pat Metheny duo concerto project? 
12:50 Alan Abel 
14:00 New book, Patti? 
16:30 Having to tell a fellow student, "this might not be for you..."
25:20 New World Symphony? 
29:30 How to keep up with so much?  How to keep learning through COVID?
39:30 Hang drums at home?   
44:20 Orchestras staying a-float through COVID? 
48:20 Casey: "Semmelweiss" Opera


@Percussion 241 Filip Merčep


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0:00 intro and hello.  Casey history today: Maria Anna Mozart
6:50 Hello, Filip!
9:15 Studying live electronics? 
13:25 Max MSP? 
15:55 When is it appropriate to write a tape part in place of another instrumentalist?
20:20 How did you get interested in electronics?  
23:45 Improvised performance royalties?  Improv practice? 
28:30 Croatian composers? 
34:30 Ben: The Sea Organ
41:50 What did joining the EU do for your career? 
44:45 Your musical family? Saxophone, Vibraphone 
53:35 Playing for a HUGE audience?  

@Percussion - 240 - Marianna Bednarska - Marimba in Poland


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0:00 Intro and hello.
Casey: Intro music contest results. Thanks and congratulations to:1st Reese Maultsby, 2nd Antek Olesik, 3rd Bartek Miler, Fox Sebastian Lopez, and Luigi Morleo. 
4:56 Welcome to Marianna Bednarska
8:00 What is the Polish marimba sound? So many successful female Polish percussionists?
22:16 Your collaboration with Anders Koppel?
27:14 How is life different now that you've graduated?
29:15 How does one start a performing career like yours?
36:05 Maintain life and career balance?
42:00 Karli: Pre-performance rituals
57:50 Casey: history - Grace Bumbry
1:06:15 Future plans?

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