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The@Percussion podcast 224 Cory Hills


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Cory Hills and Casey Cangelosi discuss, share, and debate some thoughts on the current state of the percussion repertoire. Learn about Cory's Percussive Storytelling here:

The@Percussion podcast 223 Josh Jones returns!


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0:00 Intro and hello

4:03 Online lessons?

9:30 Thought gap

13:00 Moving Percussion Ensemble online

18:40 Josh won the Principal Percussion spot at Kansas City!!

20:00 The rounds of the audition? Mindset and approach.

25:30 Staying so positively motivated?

29:10 Casey: "In Praise of Unremarkable Music" from New Music USA

50:00 Practicing technique when you're short on time?

53:00 Relaxation techniques?

56:30 Chakra in practice?

1:00:12 Casey: Today in history

1:05:35 Finances?

1:09:30 What were the differences in your fellowship position and CPO, and how did these prepare you for the recent audition victory?

1:15:30 Transitioning tambourine techniques? Playing excerpts "up" using pandero technique.

1:21:20 Staying positive?

The@Percussion podcast 222 with Ivana Bilic


0:00 Intro and hello
2:34 Casey: Beethoven's death date
6:40 Hello, Ivana
10:00 Some background
19:50 How did relationship with Marimba One begin?
24:04 Who would you consider significant composers of percussion and marimba today? State of the rep.!
40:25 Ben: recent Yuja Wang stories
1:03:00 Working with Svet?
1:07:00 Your summer festival?
1:10:33 Upcoming festival?

The@Percussion podcast 221 with Tommer Yariv



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0:00 Intro and hello
1:30 What are you up to these days?
3:50 Your approach to memorizing music?
6:06 A significant moment that changed or sculpted your career? Tomer's teachers.
11:44 Lineage of percussion duos and your chamber music contributions?
14:10 Transitioning from being a heavy player to an organizer and administrator?
21:04 How did you decide to finish PercaDu?
31:07 Any particular piece that you feel defines you as an artist? Working with composers and commissioning pieces.
33:30 Casey: Empathy and art, reading is good for mankind.
44:00 Picking your collaborators?
52:26 Administration and organization?
59:00 Udacrep Akubrad
1:01:50 Casey: today in music history: Composer Robert Muczynski is born; Axeman killer of New Orleans.
1:08:00 Coming to the states? Future plans?


The @Percussion - Episode 220 - John Wittmann


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0:00 Intro and hello
1:25 Your friendship with Emil Richards?
7:50 Spending time with Elvin Jones?
11:30 Yamaha
16:30 The evolution of your career? Going from being an educator to Artist Relations?
28:05 The friendliness of competition in the industry
30:45 Being a good clinician
42:25 Snare drum sound and the personality of a song
49:15 10 things I wish I knew?
51:55 Casey: What's the sound - "superball" history 
1:04:25 2 things, from 10 things I wish I knew. 

The @Percussion - Episode 219 - Anthony Di Bartolo


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0:00 Intro and hello

1:35 Your new book?

6:07 The framework and structure you improvise within? Your style of improvisation.

15:50 The loose structure described in your etudes?

18:40 Any listening suggestions?

23:46 The relationship between improvisation and composition?

29:40 Your snare features for Black Swamp Percussion?

36:40 Studying with Gordon Stout?

41:34 How do you listen differently when you know you're listening to something composed vs something improvised?

The @Percussion Podcast ep.218 - Josh Roberts


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0:00 Intro and Hello, superballs

2:40 Flinstones drumtrack video performance?

11:00 Social media

18:30 Your travels, differences around the world? Playing in New York City?

26:00 Your teachers? Steve Houghton and Ari Hoenig

27:40 Finding your sound

30:14 Ben: Max Roach

40:10 Your CD, "Two Worlds"?

43:55 Rothko painting behind you?

46:50 Casey: Today in music history


The @Percussion Podcast ep.217 with John Kilkenny


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0:00 intro and hello
3:20 Your schoolmates? Matt Strauss and John Mackey
8:36 Your teachers? Jonathan Haas and Alan Abel
14:15 Percussion in Virginia
20:00 Director of the Sewanee Festival?
35:00 The donation and giving side of administration?
45:30 Karli: Creatures of Habit
1:05:20 Casey: History (Feb.13th)

The @Percussion Podcast ep.216 Roundtable - University job interview questions.mp3




with:  Ben Charles, Karli Vina, Ksenija Komljenovic, Bill Shaltis, Caleb Pickering, Brian Nozny, Casey Cangelosi.  

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0:00 Intro and Hello
4:40 The "strengths/weaknesses" question..
12:10 What to play at the performance portion?
21:12 Recruiting questions?
28:28 Marching Band
34:05 Tell us about a time you resolved a student conflict?
38:00 Why do you want THIS job?
45:30 Good questions to ask the committee?
51:53 How are you innovative in your teaching?
56:10 How would you promote diversity and inclusion?
1:00:43 Asking all candidates the same questions
1:05:50 Why should we pick you over the other candidates?
1:09:20 Some advice

The @Percussion Podcast - 215 Martin Bresnick


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0:00 Intro and hello 2:32 Passing the Coordinator of the Composition Program at Yale University role to Christopher Theofanidis

5:02 Working with Robert van Sice on Grace, double marimba concerto

8:50 How to write for the marimba, considering its advantages and challenges

13:45 The concept of composers exploiting shortcomings of the instrument

17:16 How to approach composing openings of pieces

22:07 Martin’s music inspired by/married to other works of art

30:05 Should art be separated from (the morality and political ideologies of) the artist?

39:00 Martin’s chamber opera My Friend’s Story and Chekhov’s “Strakh”

40:58 Specificity of writing for percussion - Sō Percussion and Caprichos Enfaticos

42:34 Paul Lansky – a friend from High School of Music & Art in New York

43:56 Ben Charles: report on György Ligeti

52:44 Meeting Ligeti and early encounters

58:25 Ligeti’s Six Bagatelles – a little secret about Ligeti’s writing (Romanian folk song)

59:31 The becoming of Ligeti’s Le Grand Macabre

1:03:45 Ligeti’s Horn Trio

1:05:57 Ligeti – Magyarization of a German name

1:07:18 Nancarrow’s influence on Ligeti

1:08:26 Ligeti: “Martin, who do you think is the greatest living composer?”

1:13:40 A grand lesson from Ligeti

1:15:45 Ligeti’s 70th birthday and meeting Mandelbrot

1:22:30 Poème symphonique for 100 metronomes

1:25:00 Writing an autobiography?

1:26:10 Storytelling