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@Percussion - 248 - Pedro Fernandez

September 10, 2020


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Hosts: Casey Cangelosi, Ben Charles, Karli Viña, and Ksenija Komljenović

Intro music by: Antoni Olesik -
00:35 Premium level patron shoutout – Jade Hails!
1:17 Today in history (Nirvana conspiracy theory, Fresh Prince of Bel Air)
7:12 Pedro Introduction
7:49 FB Question - Maria Chlebus ‘How do you stay so handsome?’
08:15 Pedro being refused a haircut
9:00 Share your perspective, challenges, and experiences as an international student
13:41 Did you ever turn the negativity into a motivational tool and contribute to the success you have now?
15:15 Blind auditions
16:28 FB Question – Mike Kessler ‘What are your two top snare drum/marimba/vibes books you would recommend?’
19:50 What is going on with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra?
20:30 Houston Symphony web-streaming concerts – anything similar happening with ISO?
22:09 Myths about Pedro’s performance and PASIC clinic/lab
23:34 Karli still thinks Pedro played blindfolded
25:02 Pedro’s mother “what are you even doing when you are practicing?” – how do you practice
28:29 Ben’s anecdote of Pedro practicing triangle
30:29 How has your practicing changed during the quarantine?
33:20 What music do you jam out to?
34:46 Should chopsticks be used as musical implements? Facebook discussion read
39:24 Conversation about chopsticks
42:39 An explanation why it is offensive to use chopsticks
45:00 Stuart Saunders Smith – Songs I-IX require chopsticks – should we follow composers who instruct us to use specific instrumentation/implement choices?
51:47 Appropriation – term and usage
55:45 Does outrage cause people to be fearful about being around different cultures?
1:01:43 FB Question - Jade Hails: Is the experience playing with the ballet orchestra any different from the symphony orchestra?
1:05:09 Example of a piece that is played faster in symphony orchestra than in ballet?
1:07:17 How do you pronounce Ginastera?