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@Percussion - 244 - Hal Rosenfeld

August 20, 2020


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0:00 Intro and hello.  Casey: History - Voyager Golden Record 
7:01 Welcome to Hal!  
10:11 Theory training.  Being an orchestrator.
16:21 Great percussion in film music?  Emil Richards.
23:11 How has film music changed?  
26:31 Music Producer role?  Job roles.
32:31 Copyright.... 
34:58 Advice for young people who are interested in this career path?  
44:01 "It's ok, we'll fix it in post" 
48:56 Joe Porcaro and Emil Richards story.  
50:06 Ben: "How Musicians Helped Integrate the Silver Screen"
60:11 Racial integration in the film music industry?  How is COVID effecting the industry? 
1:11:08 Are you recording remotely now?  
1:14:01 Thanks to @Perc.  from Hal :)