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@Percussion - 245 - PAS COVID Taskforce!

August 11, 2020


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Guests: Michael Burritt (Eastman School of Music and President-Elect of PAS), Andrea Venet (University of North Florida), and Thad Anderson (University of Central Florida)

Hosts: Karli Viña, Ben Charles, Ksenija Komljenović Music by Reese Maultsby Managing COVID-19 Protocols in Administering Percussion Performance Curriculum:

Intro music by Reese Maultsby - 

00:10 Intro and hello

02:27 Have your schools made a decision about instructional delivery methods (remote/hybrid/in-person)?

10:08 Conspiracy theorists and how do you know that the information you are presenting is credible?

15:00 How are you handling chamber music?

18:55 What can we do to improve ventilation systems?

26:33 What changes do you anticipate in making to the audition process for your undergraduate and graduate program? How will you evaluate the students?

29:26 Ensemble auditions

31:48 TROMP Competition utilizes a single-attempt video submission platform

34:13 UV lights

39:55 What did you learn from the spring – any successful tips and tricks pertinent to remote learning?

44:44 Students wanting to defer enrollment/take a break from school

52:46 Claire Chase – an inspiration in times of COVID (

55:22 Liability and educators teaching in person

59:05 What can we do as educators to encourage good mental health practice for our students and ourselves?