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@Percussion 258 - Sarah Rimkus

November 19, 2020


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Hosts: Casey Cangelosi, Ben Charles, and Ksenija Komljenović, Karli Viña
Intro music by Reese Maultsby -

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0:43 intro
1:47 history for November 19: Paul McCartney Liverpool Oratorio, Tina Turner Goldeneye song, Michael Jackson baby dangling, Adam Levine sexiest man alive, argument about how to edit the podcast
5:15 welcome Sarah Rimkus!
7:17 Sarah’s work, Blackbird
10:52 getting confident writing for percussion
12:17 Instagram question from Antek Olesik: What are the biggest challenges of writing for percussion?
15:44 Facebook question from Kenneth Stewart: Do you transcribe folk music? How does folk music play into your music?
18:30 Bulgarian folk music?
19:23 shape note music
22:42 appropriation vs. appreciation
29:45 George Crumb
45:28 musical scene in the UK
49:10 Crumb bingo
1:07:17 Facebook question from Hal Rosenfeld: Do you have any tips or tactics for overcoming writers block or similar scenarios
1:10:35 Casey searching for dirt on Eric Guinivan