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@Percussion - 261 - Supporters’ Roundtable 2

November 26, 2020


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Guests: Jade Hails, Jorge Mujica Jr., Manuel Trevino, and Chris Dandeles
Hosts: Casey Cangelosi, Ben Charles, and Ksenija Komljenović, Karli Viña
Intro music by Reese Maultsby -

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0:00 Intro and hello.  Happy birthday Mr. Wilcoxin and we enjoy playing no.4 together over Zoom lag
1:55 Wilcoxin and Pratt in teaching.
3:40 Karli: Charlie Wilcoxin
8:33 Ben: MOOC's (Massive Open Online Class).  
17:00 MOOC's and music copyright.  Online courses
24:45 More on online courses  
27:41 How did you get student interaction when teaching online?
30:50 What do you think we're going to keep/adopt from this teaching online COVID experience?   
35:42 Zoom performances? 
40:15 Role of MOOC's?  College is WAY too expensive.
51:48 Crumb bingo with pitch bend sound effects