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@Percussion 264 - Kai Strobel

December 31, 2020


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Guest: Kai Strobel
Hosts: Ksenija Komljenović, Ben Charles, and Karli Viña
Intro music by Antek Olesik 

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00:00 Hello!

02:35 December 31 in Music History

07:35 Kai Strobel introduction

08:55 How is life?

10:13 Holographic performance at TROMP 2020

13:55 Social Media Questions from Jacob WH, some_mad_vibes, thomas.perc – How do you practice and memorize large pieces? (Such as Rebonds)

20:03 FB Question from Bensen Kwan – What other musicians have inspired your musicality and interpretation?

22:53 What music have you recently gotten excited about?

25:04 FB Question from Bensen Kwan – What is the one thing musicians around the world should improve on or explore more of? (Your Merlin performance on YouTube is just the most stunning recording I have ever heard! So incredible!)

26:10 Choosing not to play Merlin in recitals these days

32:15 IG Question from Grigory Osipov – I am really curious how someone can achieve such gigantic phrases with his movements. Have you been taught to play with really distinctive gestures from the beginning or you played like other mortals and then transformed your technique? 

36:03 IG Question from Antek Olesik – What are some good gym exercises for faster marimba chops? The role of physical health and sports.

40:00 Philosophy of sound