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@Percussion 265 - Allen Otte

January 7, 2021


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Hosts: Casey Cangelosi, Ben Charles, and Ksenija Komljenović, Karli Viña
Intro music by Reese Maultsby -

Recommended reading: Allen recommends Zadie Smith's Intimations as a poignant, relevant reflection on these times.

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0:11 intro
7:04 Welcome Allen Otte!
9:48 Blackearth Percussion Group record stories
14:46 Founding of Blackearth Percussion Group
23:47 Lion’s roar and Mauricio Kagel’s Dressur
27:17 Taking the work seriously
29:44 More about Dressur
38:51 Hurdles in getting started with a chamber group
47:27 Christopher Deane and Facebook question from Brady Spitz: How do you cultivate creativity in your students, not just percussive skills, but artistry independent of instrument?
55:12 “The good old days of new music”
1:01:38 Karli topic: protest music
1:12:40 The Innocents project with John Lane
1:18:48 Allen performs Mark Saya’s piece The Simurgh from From the Book of Imaginary Beings