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@Percussion - 282 PAS New Music Research Committee

April 29, 2021


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Guests: Members of the PAS New Music/Research Committee: Joey Van Hassel, Lee Hinkle, Jennifer Torrence, Aaron Butler, and Sean Hamilton
Hosts: Ben Charles, Karli Viña, and Ksenija Komljenović
Intro music by: Reese Maultsby -

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0:00​ Intro and Hello
2:19​ Today in History: RATM, Freddie Mercury, Hair, Duke Ellington’s Birthday, Philip Glass & Allen Ginsberg 
7:41​ Welcome Joey, Lee, Jennifer, Aaron, and Sean!
13:01​ New Music/Research Presents
21:30​ Value Judgements in New Music/Selecting Repertoire
29:32​ The Intersection of Performance Art & Percussion
39:23​ Compositional Trends
51:16​ On the Role of Entertainment
1:05:32​ Jennifer’s Current Repertoire
1:07:36​ What composer/repertoire is on your radar right now?
1:19:26​ Looking ahead to NM/R Presents @ PASIC 2021!
1:20:53​ Apply for PAS Committees!