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@Percussion - 284 Jauvon Gilliam

May 13, 2021


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0:00 Intro and hello
2:08 Ksenija - today in music history:  Mozart's first opera 
6:03 Welcome, Jauvon Gilliam
7:24 COVID  
11:05 Jauvon's signature timpani mallets through Innovative Percussion
19:10 Balancing many jobs? 
22:28 Capitol Percussion? 
29:45 Your goals after winning your job at such a young age? 
33:45 New bells at the Minnesota Orchestra 
36:52 How church bells are made  
44:11 Jauvon's beginnings as a pianist? 
50:40 Helping your students beyond music?  
56:37 How do I get even hands?!
1:00:29 Orchestras surviving post COVID? 
1:05:50 Video games