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@Percussion - 285 Diana Loomer

May 20, 2021


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Hosts: Casey Cangelosi, Ben Charles, Karli Viña, Ksenija Komljenović, and Brian Nozny
Intro music by Bartek Miler

Guest: Diana Loomer

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01:59 Music History (May 20): American Premiere of Beethoven 9, Busta Rhymes birthday, Elton John the first Western pop star to tour USSR, Lars Ulrich (Metallica) the first witness at a US Senate hearing over copyright issues with Napster, rant about copyright and MP3s
12:32 Guest Intro: Dr. Diana Loomer
13:43 The Melodic Timpani Project
17:17 Timpani in drum core
19:17 The mechanics of timpani playing
21:22 Diana’s guidelines for composers writing for timpani 
22:50 Psathas writing Buyan for Diana
24:41 Psathas’ Planet Damnation: performing live vs. recording 
27:07 Switching between playing on different types/brands of timpani
29:20 2-hour notice to perform Planet Damnation as a soloist with ensemble live on never-before-seen timpani
31:43 Ben: PAS Timpani Competition anecdote
32:22 Brian Nozny writing for Diana Loomer
36:12 Ben: William Moersch and Jonathan Haas anecdote
36:51 Which other pre-Loomer era pieces exist that are for melodic timpani?
39:08 Timpani pedaling
40:36 Casey’s game: Name That Tune on timpani
41:55 Flight of the Bumblebee trivia
42:24 Django Reinhardt as inspiration for timpani 
43:20 Ksenija topic: The New York Times article “To Express a Country’s Soul, He Invented New Instruments” about composer and inventor Joaquín Orellana
53:10 Yamaha: musical instruments and motorcycle designers trade places
56:32 A nod to Diana’s influences and contemporaries
57:41 FB Q from Sean McWilliams – “Through your work with the Melodic Timpani Project, what has been the biggest takeaway from the music you had written?”
01:00:31 FB Q from Sean McWilliams “Do you feel that melodic timpani playing has a place in collegiate curriculum and to what degree?”
01:02:20 FB Q from Hal Rosenfeld “Does Dr. Loomer like to pedal more when passages et more complex/chromatic vs. using more drums? Plus, should there be a cap on 5 drums?
01:05:17 FB Q from Hal Rosenfeld: “Tips for mapping out pedal changes when having minimal/no time to look at the piece (or sight reading a piece)?” Concept of “grouping”.
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