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@Percussion - 286 Caitlin Jones

May 27, 2021


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Hosts: Ben Charles, Karli Viña, and Ksenija Komljenović
Intro music by Antek Olesik

Guest: Caitlin Jones

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00:40 Music History (May 27): Sean Kinney birthday (Alice in Chains drummer), Luciano Berio death (plus life, arranging The Beatles, sense of humor, etc.)
05:30 Guest intro: Caitlin Jones
06:30 How has it been at Lee University this year?
07:10 Any big takeaways from teaching during COVID?
08:22 Sharing tambourines 
09:02 Working with Andy Harnsberger
10:51 What’s it like to have a Pomeranian in every rehearsal? Dogs and percussion.
12:08 Collaboration with Harnsberger and recording his work “The Long Road”
14:02 Working with a production company (GreenHaus Production)? Pros and cons of recording.
16:20 Any tendencies you discovered after listening to your recordings?
18:20 How do you record? Do you have a producer?
21:21 Upcoming recording sessions: Lukas Ligeti’s Thinking Songs and a duo with Harnsberger
23:06 Ben topic from Dazed Digital by Scarlett Baker – Artificial Intelligence creates ‘new’ songs by Amy Winehouse and Nirvana to raise awareness of musicians’ mental health
32:35 The Beatles recording in 1994 (using Lennon’s demo tapes, after he died)
35:16 Health and wellbeing tips from Caitlin: warming up, technique
39:00 The state of physical wellness in the marching world
43:09 Why Ben can’t play Corporel (it’s the teeth)
44:45 How to get students to love warmups
48:45 What could educational institutions do to help with improving students’ mental health?
52:50 IG Question from sam.riddick_: How did you get started playing percussion?
54:08 What made you choose on music as a career?
55:06 Caitling playing the US Premiere of Roumen Boyadjiev’s Concerto for Marimba
56:41 The relationship between physical fitness and music (plus, who benches more – you or Andy?)
01:00:21 Stigma around physical issues when playing