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@Percussion - 305 The Youtube Effect with Boyce Jeffries

November 11, 2021


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Hosts: Karli Viña, Casey Cangelosi, and Ben Charles
Producer: Karli Viña
Guest: Boyce Jeffries

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0:00 Intro and Hello
2:06 Today in History: Britney Spear, World Premiere of Strauss’ Don Juan
6:38 Welcome, Boyce!
7:26 The YouTube Effect: What inspired it?
12:31 How did the pandemic alter your research?
16:27 YouTube as a career catalyst
19:25 Effects of YouTube on our consumption of media
22:56 YouTube’s effects on mental health
25:09 How video quality/presentation affects our perception
33:49 Have we arrived in a post-performance world?
38:40 Pros/Cons of recording vs. live performance
45:06 The “perfect abs” effect
51:32 Do you watch YouTube videos before learning a piece?
54:49 Boyce’s upcoming PN article on Christopher Deane’s Mourning Dove Sonnet
59:50 Jade Hails: What are the trends on YouTube that percussionists should invest time in?
1:08:59 Bryan Jeffs: During the course of your research, exactly how many versions of Third Construction did you watch?