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@Percussion - 307 Creative Work & Mental Health with Dale Trumbore

November 25, 2021


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Hosts: Karli Viña, Ben Charles, and Caleb Pickering
Producer: Karli Viña
Guest: Dale Trumbore

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0:00 Intro and Hello
1:30 Today in History: Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer hits the charts, Birthday of Andrew Carnegie
8:09 Welcome, Dale!
9:30 The inspiration for Dale’s book, Staying Composed
20:21 How to procrastinate better
26:38 Perfectionism
30:17 Coping with the pandemic/when work slows down
36:33 Self-identity
41:56 Promoting diversity
50:11 Career development
56:39 Upcoming projects
59:47 How to talk about money