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@Percussion 308 - Making a Marimba Career with Manuel Leuenberger

December 2, 2021


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Hosts: Caleb Pickering, Karli Viña, Ksenija Komljenović, and Ben Charles
Producer: Ben Charles
Guest: Manuel Leuenberger

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0:00 Introduction and welcome
2:24 Today in history, December 2: birthdate of composer Katherine Hoover, premiere of Carmen Jones on Broadway
6:05 Welcome Manuel Leuenberger!
8:45 “The business side” of being a career musician
17:04 Diversifying one’s portfolio
24:04 Investing in one’s self
25:36 Marimba and magic: Leigh Howard Stevens’s piece, Houdini’s Last Trick
26:45 Thoughts on interdisciplinary collaboration
29:58 Maintaining a Patreon page and projects
34:24 Gaining experience with recording projects
38:18 Manuel’s composition Anna and future composition plans
44:48 Manu’s plans to visit the US in March 2022
49:00 Combining marimba and organ
53:03 Instagram question from Jesse Guo: How do you decide what concerti to learn?