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@Percussion 309 - Boutique Mallet Making with Alex Georgiev

December 9, 2021


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Hosts: Caleb Pickering, Ben Charles, and Ksenija Komljenović
Producer: Ksenija Komljenović
Guest: Alex Georgiev (Infinity Percussion)

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00:00 Intro
01:36 Music History for December 9: Death of Charles Rosen
03:51 Guest Introduction: Alex Georgiev
05:00 How Infinity Percussion came about
10:00 When did you realize the mallets were professional-quality, and not just a tiny project?
12:05 What are the most necessary skills (both musical and business-related) a person needs to have in order to run a boutique mallet-making company?
15:00 What is good networking?
19:41 What has been the most surprising/challenging facet of doing this line of work?
21:48 Describe the process of designing a mallet. How often do you communicate and check in with the artist/customer?
26:39 Have you ever had any projects go way off-track from the initial idea?
30:12. How do you find a balance between what the artist wants and what the general customers will purchase? How do you learn how to say ‘no’?
32:45 How long does it take to take a project from start to finish?
36:04 For those interested in creating their own instruments or implements - building marimbas or making mallets, for example - what kind of financial expense should they consider it will take to embark on this kind of journey?
45:24 How many people are behind Infinity Percussion?
46:56  You also teach and perform extensively - which already amounts to a busy schedule. How much time does it take to run Infinity Percussion?
50:10 Describing sound qualities is a challenge, even for musicians - we mostly borrow terminology from other senses. How do you ensure that you have an understanding with the customer (artist or buyer) about the qualities they are looking for?
54:14 How do you record sound files to showcase mallets when a microphone by default distorts all sounds?
57:34 Bartok Sonata with Martin Grubinger, Yuja Wang, and the Percussive Planet
1:02:12 Near future plans