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@Percussion - 310 Mallet Percussion Research with Frank Kumor

December 16, 2021


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Hosts: Caleb Pickering, Karli Viña, and Ksenija Komljenović
Producer: Caleb Pickering
Guest: Frank Kumor 

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0:00 Intro
1:55 History (Beethoven)
7:00 Frank Kumor
8:40 How did you arrive at Kutztown?
10:45 Ben really likes vintage keyboard instruments
11:50 Kutztown Center for Mallet Percussion Research
21:08 Dealing with vintage instruments
27:40 Grainger percussion ensemble
32:45 Gordon Peters Library
37:15 Transporting instruments
42:45 many instruments does the center have?
45:54 King George and the Century of Progress
53:05 Unique instruments
1:03:38 New Building