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@Percussion 311 - The Wave Quartet (Pt. 2)

December 30, 2021


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Hosts: Caleb Pickering, Karli Viña, and Ksenija Komljenović
Producer: Ksenija Komljenović
Guest: Wave Quartet (Bogdan Bacanu, Christoph Sietzen, Emiko Uchiyama, and Nico Gerstmayer)

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Part 2:

01:08 Jesse Guo: How many gigs do you guys play per year?
01:57 Thomas Waller: What is the process individually and collectively to prepare for a performance?
02:50 Dmitry Konovalchuk: I am a huge fan of yours! How often do you rehearse? Do you have a leader in rehearsals?
06:30  Cosmin Dumitriu (Bucharest): What is your work ethic, how do you schedule your rehearsals?
08:15 Dmitry Konovalchuk: Do you sometimes get bored of performing one piece again and again?
09:41 Alexandra Pliundra: Do you have any habits/rituals before a concert and how many hours do you practice every day?
19:47 Linus Elias Gustavsson (Sweden): Will you and when will you be releasing the arrangement of Carmen?

22:41 Future projects