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The @Percussion - Episode 124 - Artifact Percussion

August 16, 2019

124 - Lexie Fiorini and Aaron Trumbore


Joining us this week are the founders of Artifact Percussion: Lexie Fiorini and Aaron Trumbore.  Established in 2014, they aim to produce quality percussion products by hand using methods, packaging, and practices that are sustainable and non-damaging to the planet.  They made their first trip to the PASIC Exhibition Hall in 2017.

Watch here. Listen below.

0:00 intro and hello
4:30 How important is it to go to PASIC?  
9:50 Facebook questions:  Starting Artifact, background, business.  
15:43 PAS Rhythm Discovery Center
20:40 Business skills you learned?    
25:50 What products are next?
39:10 Megan: The Halo company
58:00 What ways do you hope to give back to the percussion community?