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The @Percussion - Episode 125 - Todd Meehan

August 16, 2019

125 - Todd Meehan


Joining us this week is Todd Meehan, creator of Liquidrum.  Despite gaining notoriety with a variety of satirical videos alongside an active teaching, performing, and commissioning career, he describes himself as "not funny."  He maintains an active website, blog, video presence, the Baylor percussion studio, all while balancing family life between.

Watch here. Listen below.

0:00 intro and hello
1:30 Todd's comedy & Liquidrum
3:50 "Fast Hands" challenge and the value of Play
13:50 Brian Blume: Why Liquidrum?  The name?  How has it influenced your playing and teaching?
20:00 Advertising, branding, marketing
27:40 From Todd's blog
38:05 Ben & Todd: Health
46:15 Casey: What's the sound? Diana Deutsch experiments  
57:15 Scott Charvet: Any negative reception on the Liquidrum videos?