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The @Percussion - Episode 126 - Stockton Helbing

August 16, 2019

126 - Stockton Helbing


Joining us this week is drummer Stockton Helbing.  He has accomplished much to be so young: several albums of his own music, countless tours with big name artists, and studying under then teaching beside Ed Soph at UNT.  We really enjoyed our time with Stockton and learned a lot about the history of drum set and recorded music - he's a well-informed, articulate speaker.

Watch here. Listen below.

0:00 intro and hello
2:40 Background
6:55 Lessons learned from Ed Soph?  
16:16 Your composition style?  
19:50 Ben:  Baby Dodds & some drumset history
42:00 Scott Charvet: What are the things you like to see from incoming students?
48:30 How has the market changed in creating albums?
53:10 Your approach to recording drums?
57:00 Upcoming projects?
59:15 Your name?