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The @Percussion - Episode 130 - SO Percussion

August 16, 2019

130 - SO Percussion


In January 2018 JMU was fortunate to host SO Percussion for a feature concert and masterclass.  During their residency on campus, Caleb Pickering, a frequent guest co-host on the podcast, conducted an hour interview with them.  Many thanks to Caleb, as well as the guys in SO Percussion.

Watch here. Listen below.

0:00 Intro and hello
1:10  So...Todd Meehan?  
2:58  Why so serious?
6:32 "Sometimes Music"
12:30 Performing different styles and genres    
19:44 Collaborating with the band, The National
33:12 15 years collaboration  
34:21 Little missed joke at PASIC
36:16 Mixed performance art pieces, your large programmatic works
49:21 Advice to young percussionists who would like to create  their own performing group?