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The @Percussion - Episode 139 - Clocks in Motion

August 16, 2019

139 - Clocks in Motion


Joining us this week is percussion quartet Clocks in Motion.  We were lucky to catch them all together in a rehearsal period for an upcoming performance: Matt Coley, Sean Kleve, Chris Jones, and Andrew Veit were together at their rehearsal space in Madison, Wisconsin.

Watch here. Listen below.

0:00 Intro and Hello
1:35 Yet another long-distance ensemble!?  
3:20 Current tour and rehearsal  
7:15 Matthew Cooley, getting into Dulcimer?
10:50 Dulcimer vs cimbalom?
14:30 Casey: What's the sound?    
22:50 Challenges as an ensemble?  
30:44 The studio space?  Practicalities and instruments
35:33 Three year commissioning project
50:30 Podcast work-in-progress?
53:45 Megan: hearing loss lawsuit, BBC report