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The @Percussion - Episode 142 - Michael Bettine

August 16, 2019

142 - Michael Bettine


Joining us this week is alchemical percussionist and storyteller Michael Bettine! Working under the name Gongtopia, he has presented concerts of original compositions and improvisations played on metal instruments, sounding bass drum, and hand drums since 2002. He also regularly presents both Gong Meditation Sessions and Sound Workshops using gongs, singing bowls, and bells.

Watch here. Listen below.

0:00 Intro and Hello
1:40 Puccini gongs for sale?
5:03 Michael Bettine's background, what is Gongtopia?
7:00 Logistics of these gongs and traveling?
9:52 Bonham's gong!
12:15 Michael's blogs, history as a writer.  
16:05 Blog post "Selling of Gongs as Snake Oil"  
22:08 Michael's meditation session?
25:47 Interesting instrument finds? Debussy's crotales
29:25 The low pitches for "Rain Tree" (Takemitsu)
32:50 Laurel: Current PAS committee openings and how to apply
37:47 Megan: Why African instruments often have a buzzing sound  attached
47:44 Starting a meditation sessions
49:20 Michael Newmeyer: How does Gongtopia tie into meditation, and does it tie into music therapy?
52:00 Any favorite gong use by other composers?
55:15 Sponsorship
58:52 The new CD?