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The @Percussion - Episode 143 - Dave Hall

August 16, 2019

143 - Dave Hall


This week we sat down with percussion educator, performer, and composer Dave Hall! Dave is the Assistant Professor of Percussion and Jazz Studies, and coordinator of the percussion program at the University of Nebraska.

Watch here. Listen below.

0:00  Intro and Hello
2:13  Latest?
4:33  Dave and Ben's experiences with Christopher Deane at UNT
9:49  Megan: RIP and thanks to Mr. Bernard Woma
21:00  Hannah Gallamore Given that you are a prolific composer,
educator, and performer, how do you manage these three
disciplines throughout the year–does it change as the year
progresses or have you found a consistent balance?
23:24  Notching up the challenges.  Michael Gordon's "XY"
30:40  Nebraska Steel Band?  
36:45  Continuing practice and more on time management
46:56  Parker David Stockford What is a good way to get in
contact or meet with professors at prospective schools when
you’re in a very far state to travel from? I go to school in
Hawaii and it’s almost impossible to go meet with professors
before an audition. What is a good way to meet them?
50:50  Parker David Stockford
What are the opinions on tattoos on performers? Should
they be covered? Are there certain situations where they don’t
need to be? Are there certain genres of music where they’re more
acceptable than others?