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The @Percussion - Episode 144 - Omar Carmenates

August 16, 2019

144 - Omar Carmenates


This week we sat down with Dr. Omar Carmenates, the Associate Professor of Percussion at Furman University and the Front Ensemble Supervisor/Arranger of the Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps. His debut solo CD, entitled The Gaia Theory, is released through Rattle Records, and two other recent projects include a double-disc release entitled "The John Psathas Percussion Project" and a collaboration with Furman Univesity’s David E. Shi Center for Sustainability to record Matthew Burtner’s Six Ecoacoustic Quintets with the Furman Percussion Ensemble.

Watch here.  Listen below.

0:00 intro and hello
0:55 Thanks, Megan - past episodes timestamps complete
3:50 Omar Carmenates intro
5:30 Busy busy + Dad
8:03 What's new?
9:05 Ben: John Psathas, composer.  Omar's Psathas arranging project.
28:28 Facebook questions:  Luis Rivera: Tesla car?
Robbie Green:  Greatest musical or teaching failure and what have you learned from it?
33:50 Robbie Green: what advice would you have for your former self?
35:50 Time at UNT and did you know Ben?  
39:19 Brian Radock: 3-piece advice for a young percussionist.  When you write music,
how do you know when and where to start and stop?
Advice for expanding drumline show arranging work.
48:30 Upcoming Cadets show? What keeps drawing you back to the drumcorps activity?
56:11 How does John Psathas feel about his music in a DCI show?
1:01:10 How you balance your time, fun things you enjoy?