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The @Percussion - Episode 147 - Norm Weinberg

August 16, 2019

147 - Norm Weinberg


Joining us this week is Norm Weinberg, recently retired from the University of Arizona.  He's an educator, writer (270 articles), composer, and still an active player - in orchestral and chamber realms.  He's played under the baton of such greats as Luciano Berio, Kryzystof Penderecki, Lukas Foss, and Leonard Bernstein.  He also created and established the World Percussion Network, which later became ""

Watch here. Listen below.

0:00 Intro and hello 
1:05 "Yanny" vs "Laurel" explained, Diana Deutsch experiments/sound illusions (ep.125) 
4:30 Guest introduction
6:20 Lately? Retirement
8:15 Playing under Leonard Bernstein? 
11:50 Do conductors think of percussionists differently today? Percussionists the "butt of the joke"
23:31 Ben: Askell Masson 
33:50 Boards and page turns...
44:00 Ricardo Flores as a student? 
48:00 Brian Calhoon: Genre combustion. Marimba Cabaret 
56:35 Norm's article, technological advances in percussion? 
1:05:00 Norm's CD "Quilt", composing for electronic sounds vs acoustic instruments?