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The @Percussion - Episode 149 - Tocalo Tucson, Bill Cahn, Morris Palter, Tiffeny Johnson, Michael Pratt, Jacob Ransom

August 16, 2019

149 - Tócalo Tucson


This episode was recorded during the ToCALO Tucson Chamber Percussion Seminar, where Casey was a guest artist.  The week in Tuscon consisted of several world premiere performances, masterclasses, and other activities for participants, all organized by Artistic Director Morris Palter.

This interview features Casey, Morris, Bill Cahn, Tiffeny Johnson, Michael Pratt, Jacob Ransom, and others from Tocalo Tucson.

Watch here. Listen below.

0:00 Intro and hello
2:10 Morris:  The name "Tocalo Tucson"?  
4:50 Bill:  The history of Nexus and use of improvisation?
24:23 Morris's interest in refurbishing  and selling Rogers drums.
39:38 Theatrical/gestural current in new percussion pieces
55:15 Are there roles that the Nexus members played in the  ensemble?
1:02:18 Nexus Ragtime album