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The @Percussion - Episode 162 - Doug Perry

August 16, 2019

162 - Doug Perry


Percussionist/improviser Doug Perry blurs the lines of genre and allows musics of all styles and backgrounds to share the same stage.  Doug is a founding member of the jazz/new music crossover group Triplepoint, directing member of video game music jazz/funk band DiscoCactus, and a core member of the mixed chamber ensemble Cantata Profana.  He is also a commissioned composer and faculty member at Western Connecticut State University.

Watch here. Listen below.

0:00 Intro and hello
3:10 What is PAX East?  Performing at PAX?
5:30  Merging your joy for gaming with your music?
10:50 How has gaming changed composition over the years?
19:35 Mario Paint lol
25:00 Ben: Peter Klatzow
42:14 Tendonitis experience and solutions? Studying voice?