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The @Percussion - Episode 172 - Neil Grover

August 16, 2019

172 - Neil Grover


Neil Grover is a renowned percussionist (Boston Symphony and Boston Pops), accomplished music educator, imaginative product innovator, and successful entrepreneur. He is the founder and president of Grover Pro Percussion Inc., a market leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of world-class percussion instruments.  

Watch here. Listen below.

0:00 Intro and hello 
2:22 Music charities 
5:00 Some historic musicians you've worked with?  
8:35 Founding GroverPro Percussion?
15:30 you make a triangle ?
18:40 Other Boston percussionists who've started manufacturing mallets/instruments?  
22:20 Developing instruments or mallets from composers' demands?  
26:00 Balancing everything?  
29:50 Karli: commonly funny percussion accessory scenarios in schools. 
42:29 Advice for students on having an accessories routine?
46:15 Recommended starter equipment?  
52:00 What motivates you, and how do you motivate your students?   
58:35 Casey: What's the sound? Glenn Snoddy, the Fuzz Tone, and distortion.  
1:11:50 Podcast speed trivia