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The @Percussion - Episode 173 - Tony Artimisi

August 16, 2019

173 - Tony Artimisi


Tony is an Associate Professor of Music at Winston Salem State University. He teaches recording and music business, and is the Chair of the Liberal Studies Department.  He is a busy working drummer, and the author of "Rhythm Makers: The Drumming Legends of Nashville in Their Own Words".  

Watch here. Listen below.

0:00 Intro and Hello 
0:40 Tips on keeping your New Year's resolutions/goals 
6:35 Casey: What's the sound 
8:50 Some recording tech thoughts? 
21:28 Moving from Nashville and touring to your job at Winston Salem State U.? 
32:15 Emmy nomination? 
39:04 Karli: some thoughts on music industry curriculum. 
52:10 Thoughts on drumset pedagogy? Some info on Jeff Porcaro