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The @Percussion - Episode 174 - Matt Strauss

August 16, 2019

174 - Matt Strauss

Matt is a percussionist in the Houston Symphony and serves on the faculty of Rice University and theUniversity of Miami. He has recently developed a line of signature sticks with Promark. He is a formerstudent of Alan Abel, and has performed under the baton of Pierre Boulez and Esa-Pekka Salonen.

Watch here. Listen below.

0:00 Intro and Hello
1:53 The Led Zeppelin symphony concert?
4:20 Teaching at Rice University and Miami?
6:15 The balance and your path to collegiate teaching?
12:20 Balancing your personal life with your career?
16:30 Daily warm-up routine? How to maintain a high performance level while being so busy?
20:36 Ben: Some timpani history
31:06 Auditions? Excerpts that you dread? Enjoy the long road.
41:22 Megan: Sleeping Giant Composer Collective.
46:46 Matt's new sticks?
51:30 One the job skills vs the skills to win the audition?
56:19 Most difficult piece you've had to perform?

58:05 What major breakthrough did you have in preparing excerpts.