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The @Percussion - Episode 188 - members of PARTCH: T.J. Troy, Erin Barnes, and Nick Terry

August 16, 2019

188 - members of PARTCH: T.J. Troy, Erin Barnes, and Nick Terry


T.J. Troy, Erin Barnes, and Nick Terry are all percussionists in the Los Angeles-based contemporary music ensemble Partch. Partch is a Grammy Award winning ensemble that specializes in the music and instruments of the American Maverick composer Harry Partch. Partch’s work combined music and theatre with complex microtonal systems, often performed on custom-made instruments. The Partch ensemble has performed internationally from the Disney Hall in LA to a tour of Japan.

0:00 Intro and hello - the new record
3:20 Becoming so interested in Partch and joining this ensemble? 
6:40 TJ's introduction to Partch through Michael Udow
9:44 Describing Harry Partch's music
16:25 Audience questions, interaction, and education 
19:30 instruments  
29:50 Diamond Marimba 
34:35 The sheet music 
45:15 Any unperformed Partch works that you have premiered? 
47:20 Partch's rhythm? 
55:21 Casey: Sound - # Carbonfeed 
1:02:15 Casey: this day in music: Cage "Empty Words", Bruckner

Watch here. Listen below.