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The @Percussion - Episode 201 - Thad Anderson

October 31, 2019


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0:00 Intro and hello 2:15 Thad's "Northbound" project 7:35 How has technology played a role in your career? Music and Tech class? 11:10 What technology do you think today's percussionists need to know? 13:00 How has your position changed at UCF in the 10 years you've been there? 16:24 Zack Brownings' music? 19:05 New album? 21:30 How does your knowledge of technology effect how you compose? Youtube use vs CD's? 31:30 Casey: Today in history: Chavez Toccata, Lulu...Metalica and Lou Reed 37:55 Concerto with the Line-Upon-Line trio? 40:00 What drew to Tom Burritt? 41:40 Karli: Sousa playing traditions 54:02 How to teach composition? 56:12 Casey: Podcast speed trivia. Green brothers, Vida Chenoweth