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The @Percussion - Episode 209 - Alexandre Esperet

December 26, 2019


Watch here.  Listen below.

209 Alexandre Esperet 0:00 Intro and hello

0:55 RIP and thanks to Emil Richards

5:17 Hello to Alexandre Esperet, Ceci n'est pas une balle (This is not a ball)

10:00 Are you going to continue expanding body percussion? What new ideas might be next?

14:30 Working with Thierry de Mey?

18:00 Differences in performers and/or performance practice from country to country?

23:50 Studying with Jean Geoffroy? Approach to playing Bach?

28:50 (Briefly derailed by the chat window and L'Histoire vs Histoire)

31:05 How has performing in competitions influenced you as a performer?

35:12 Do competitions promote artistic growth?

43:12 Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

44:44 Casey: today in history - Duke Ellington "Beggar's Holiday". Duke Ellington and Gary Burton.

53:10 Influences on your compositional style? 56:00 Graphic notation and Labanotation.