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The @Percussion Podcast - 215 Martin Bresnick

February 6, 2020


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0:00 Intro and hello 2:32 Passing the Coordinator of the Composition Program at Yale University role to Christopher Theofanidis

5:02 Working with Robert van Sice on Grace, double marimba concerto

8:50 How to write for the marimba, considering its advantages and challenges

13:45 The concept of composers exploiting shortcomings of the instrument

17:16 How to approach composing openings of pieces

22:07 Martin’s music inspired by/married to other works of art

30:05 Should art be separated from (the morality and political ideologies of) the artist?

39:00 Martin’s chamber opera My Friend’s Story and Chekhov’s “Strakh”

40:58 Specificity of writing for percussion - Sō Percussion and Caprichos Enfaticos

42:34 Paul Lansky – a friend from High School of Music & Art in New York

43:56 Ben Charles: report on György Ligeti

52:44 Meeting Ligeti and early encounters

58:25 Ligeti’s Six Bagatelles – a little secret about Ligeti’s writing (Romanian folk song)

59:31 The becoming of Ligeti’s Le Grand Macabre

1:03:45 Ligeti’s Horn Trio

1:05:57 Ligeti – Magyarization of a German name

1:07:18 Nancarrow’s influence on Ligeti

1:08:26 Ligeti: “Martin, who do you think is the greatest living composer?”

1:13:40 A grand lesson from Ligeti

1:15:45 Ligeti’s 70th birthday and meeting Mandelbrot

1:22:30 Poème symphonique for 100 metronomes

1:25:00 Writing an autobiography?

1:26:10 Storytelling