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February 13, 2020




with:  Ben Charles, Karli Vina, Ksenija Komljenovic, Bill Shaltis, Caleb Pickering, Brian Nozny, Casey Cangelosi.  

watch here.  listen below

0:00 Intro and Hello
4:40 The "strengths/weaknesses" question..
12:10 What to play at the performance portion?
21:12 Recruiting questions?
28:28 Marching Band
34:05 Tell us about a time you resolved a student conflict?
38:00 Why do you want THIS job?
45:30 Good questions to ask the committee?
51:53 How are you innovative in your teaching?
56:10 How would you promote diversity and inclusion?
1:00:43 Asking all candidates the same questions
1:05:50 Why should we pick you over the other candidates?
1:09:20 Some advice