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The @Percussion Podcast - Episode 197 Stuart Gerber

October 3, 2019


Lauded as having “consummate virtuosity” by The New York Times, percussionist Stuart Gerber has performed extensively throughout the US, Europe, Australia, and Mexico as a soloist an chamber musician. He is Professor of Music at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

As an active performer of new works, Stuart has been involved in a number of world-premiere performances. He gave the world premiere of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s last solo percussion work Himmels-Tür in Italy, and his percussion trio Mittwoch-Formel at the annual Stockhausen-Courses in Kürten, Germany. He has also given the US and Australian premieres of Stockhausen’s duo version of Nasenflügeltanz for percussion and synthesizer, and the US premiere of his solo percussion work Komet. Dr. Gerber has been the faculty percussionist for the Stockhausen-Courses since 2005 and has recorded a number of pieces for the Stockhausen Complete Edition released by the Stockhausen-Verlag.

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0:00 intro and hello.
3:50 How do you practice and approach this music that is so differently challenging?
5:31 "Conceptual" music? Zyklus Stockhausen
7:35 Stockhausen's "Heaven's Door" (HIMMELS-TÜR). Practice, the door, meaning.
21:00 Some John Cage thoughts, open ears, defining music.
28:18 Stockhausen's personality? The infamous (and completely out of context) 9/11 quote
34:11 How do you help audiences connect with this avant-garde music?
40:00 Percussion/piano...Bartok Sonata
45:40 Casey: today in music history: Varese, Ives, Cage, Tudor.
49:20 How have your collaborations with composers changed in the last 20 years?
59:20 Casey: podcast speed trivia
1:05:00 RIP Christopher Rouse.