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The @Percussion Podcast - Episode 208 - David Herbert

December 19, 2019

208 David Herbet

Art by JeonIm Yi - - check her out!




Watch here.  Listen below.

0:00 Intro and hello

4:40 Exercise off the drums?

6:50 Timpani solo pieces you reccomend/favorites?

9:50 How did you come to develop your sound?

15:20 Mallets and opinions

25:12 Metalica gig?

28:00 Conductors you've worked with.

34:15 Working with Jack van Geem?

40:00 Ben: William Kraft

1:02:20 Some thoughts on audience-performer relationship. Building audience.

1:11:28 Why'd you switch from American to German setup?

1:17:55 Approach when playing a work with 2 timpanists?

1:20:20 A bit on surffing for some reason.